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What is it like to work at East Midlands Trains? Find answers to questions we frequently receive here.

Where could I work?

We operate from many areas with our main locations being Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield and London St Pancras. You can see a full network map here. If you are asked to come for an interview we can provide you with free transport on our network.

What are the hours like?

These are different for everyone. We’re a customer service organisation, so many of our job roles work in shifts. This work pattern doesn’t suit everyone, so we also have some jobs that have standard ‘business hours’, such as our office-based support teams.

Do you offer flexible working?

Like all employers, we consider every reasonable request for flexible working. If our business can support your request, we make sure we do the best possible to arrange something that works for everyone.     

Will I wear a uniform?

All customer-facing employees wear a full company uniform. Maintenance depot people are supplied with full overalls and protective gear. Support Staff working in office environments are asked to provide their own business appropriate clothing. You can see our full uniform standard here.

Are there any age restrictions?

Some of our jobs have minimum age requirements. For example, Drivers must be at least 21 and our On Train Hosts and Conductors must be at least 18. We have some apprentices under 18 in our Engineering function. If someone wants to continue working with us after their usual retirement age – and are healthy to do so – we will support this.

Are there any medical restrictions?

With trains moving up to 125mph we have to operate safely and in peak condition. Some of our roles, such as driving, require employees to pass specific standards of health before we can employ them. And if your health should deteriorate for any reason we’re obliged to assess your ability to continue doing the job. We will always offer assistance to retrain, or move to something more suitable if needed.

Do I need a residency permit to work for you?

You must have the right to work in the UK when you apply for and if you work for us. We’re obliged to check that you have this right and will ask you for certain documents to support this. Unfortunately, if you can’t show us you have the right to work in the UK, we won’t be able to employ you.

How do I apply for a job with you?

Download the online application form and complete it making sure you tell us which job you are applying for. Then you can either email it to, or post it to HR Team, The Academy, East Midlands Trains, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8HS.

If you are applying for an advertised job, we’ll let you know that we have received your application within 14 days. We recommend sending them Special Delivery, or Recorded Signed For.

Interview hints

  • We’re a smart company looking for smart people, so we ask candidates to arrive for their interview in appropriate business dress, regardless of the job that they have applied for.
  • We’re looking for knowledgeable people who can tell us something about themselves, but bringing some notes to help you in the interview is acceptable. We recommend you read up about our latest news here before you arrive.
  • Most importantly be on time. And if you do run in to any difficulties getting here, call us right away.

How does recruitment work?

If you are successful in your interview, we will invite you to an assessment centre if necessary and an induction to get you started on your journey with us. Here you will hear about our working standards and receive a schedule for your necessary training.

What training do you offer?

The training you receive and how long this takes will depend entirely on the job that you have applied for. Some of our jobs require you to be fully qualified before you begin and others offer on the job training once you start with us. What you need and can expect will be detailed in the job advert.

Are there any reviews in the first year?

For the first six months you will be in what we call a ‘probationary period’.  We’ll continually assess your progress and support you to make sure you fully meet the job requirements after this first six months. Your employment with us will then be formally reviewed in conversation with you at six months with a view to making sure you get what you need for further development.

At least twice a year (or monthly if you are a manager) you will receive a full one-to-one to assess your performance and to discuss anything relevant to your employment with us.

You can take leave during your first year, although we may only be able to grant you what you have accrued to date.


Questions that we haven’t answered here? Let us know and we’ll give you an answer and update this page for others:

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