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Lost Property Policy

If you are unfortunate enough to leave an item on our trains or at one of our stations, our Customer Promise is to:

  • Always be there when you need us and willing to help find your lost item and
  • Make it as easy as possible to reunite you with your item.

Items that have been found by our staff will be handed in and stored at one of our main stations; Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Lincoln and Sheffield. Item details will be logged onto a central database, which is managed by our Customer Service Team based in Derby (please note it can take up to 48 hours for items to be logged onto the database).

If you need to contact us about an item of property, please complete the details on our Lost Property form or contact the Lost Property Team on 03457 125 678 (options 5 & 1), lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To ensure any items are not lost in transit between stations, we cannot return the item to you, although we will let you know which station it is held and when you can collect it. You can also use a courier to collect the item from a station on your behalf. The comparison website (or phone 0844 3579517) shows different service providers.

East Midlands Trains charge for retrieval and storage of lost property, which helps to cover the cost of keeping items safe. The charges are based on the type of article found.

Charges for retrieval of lost property

Band A £20.00 Charge Laptop computers, Video Cameras
Band B £10.00 Charge Mobile Phones, Pagers, Media players, bikes, PDAs
Band C £3.00 Charge Jewellery Items, watches, cameras, cycles, clothing items, suitcases, rucksacks, briefcases, Filofaxes, musical Instruments, skis, surfboards
Band D £2.00 Charge Umbrellas, gloves/scarves/hats, spectacles, keys, reading books, prams/pushchairs, all other Items

We do not charge for medical items, children’s toys and school work.

Please note that to ensure safety any credit/debit cards and cheque books are retained for up to 24 hours and then securely destroyed. Under Government guidelines, any passports will be handed in to the British Transport Police.  Any property taken into a Train Company's safekeeping which has not been retrieved within three months will be sold or otherwise disposed of and any money from the sale will be kept by the Train Company. Items which are perishable may be disposed of earlier. 

For any further information or help, please contact the team on 03457 125 678 (options 5 and 1).

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