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First Class to London

A First Class service

First Class train travel is available on all rail services to and from London St Pancras. Customers will enjoy a range of drinks and snacks in addition to comfy leather seats and spacious, quiet carriages. We offer complimentary WiFi to enable you to keep up to date on your journey. A table at every seat means you have room to work, or dine comfortably.

On weekday First Class services we offer complimentary breakfast on selected trains and a wide range of tasty dishes, from light snacks to main meals in our all day menu, all freshly prepared on board at great prices. Complimentary refreshments will be offered to you shortly after departure on most weekday London  A complimentary breakfast service is now offered on selected trains in First Class on Saturdays, with First Class services available from the Buffet bar at all other times at weekends.

A new First plus parking ticket has been introduced, which includes return travel and three days parking at selected stations.

Benefits of our First Class

✔  Access to East Midlands Trains First Class lounges

✔  Complimentary WiFi

✔  Large leather seats, all with tables

✔  Fruit juice, still or sparkling water

✔  White or red wine (on selected services)*

✔  Complimentary breakfast

✔  Complimentary snacks

✔  Plug sockets for laptop or mobile

✔  Seat reservations

✔  First Class All Day, Breakfast, Lighter Breakfast, Weekend menus available

✔  Plenty of luggage space

✔  CCTV on all services

✔  On board staff for safety and service

✔  Cycles may be carried, where space allows (and at the discretion of the on board staff)

* Wine is offered on services departing London between 1615 and 1855 inclusive.  There is no complimentary wine on any of the Southbound services.

First Class Breakfast Service

Our delicious freshly prepared breakfasts are now available complimentary to anyone holding a First Class ticket on weekday services, served at your seat by our dedicated First Class hosts. Breakfast options range from a Full Breakfast on selected trains, highlighted below, to lighter options including Bacon or Sausage Bread Rolls on other services.*

Weekday Services

Departing From Services Offering Full Breakfast                 Services Offering Light Breakfast
Sheffield 0530, 0629, 0649, 0729 0559
Chesterfield 0542, 0640, 0701, 0741 0612
Alfreton -  -
Langley Mill -  -
Lincoln - 0704
Nottingham 0710 0532, 0630, 0652, 0755, 0805
Derby 0604, 0705, 0722, 0801 0500, 0519, 0633, 0736
East Midlands Parkway 0617, 0725, 0733 0511, 0543, 0642, 0704, 0804
Loughborough 0626, 0722, 0741 0518, 0552, 0653, 0754, 0821
Leicester 0639, 0736, 0742, 0756, 0825 0529, 0543, 0604, 0659, 0706, 0719, 0805, 0818, 0832
Market Harborough

0654, 0757

0543, 0558, 0620, 0713, 0733, 0819, 0846
Kettering 0706, 0759, 0809, 0817 0554, 0608, 0631, 0724, 0729, 0743, 0829, 0855
Wellingborough 0714, 0807, 0825 0602, 0616, 0640, 0732, 0738, 0751, 0842, 0903
London St Pancras  - 0545, 0632, 0652, 0655, 0724, 0728, 0758, 0814, 0826, 0829, 0856

Complimentary breakfasts are offered on long distance weekday trains up until Wellingborough on services arriving in to London before 1000 and on those departing London before 0900 as shown above. First Class tickets include one complimentary breakfast item. Bedford, Luton or Luton Airport Parkway passengers will receive First Class complimentaries and benefit from new evening complimentaries available on return journeys.

Saturday Services

Departing From Services Offering Full Breakfast
Leeds 0634
Wakefield Westgate 0646
Sheffield 0729, 0737, 0829
Chesterfield 0741, 0750, 0841
Alfreton 0801
Langley Mill 0809
Lincoln -
Nottingham 0832
Derby 0801, 0901
East Midlands Parkway 0843
Loughborough -
Leicester 0824, 0900, 0924
Market Harborough 0914
Kettering -
Wellingborough -

Breakfast is now complimentary to all First Class ticket holders on the above trains on Saturdays. So sit back, relax and let us serve you at your seat before the start of your action-packed day out.

First Class Lounge Breakfasts

From March 2015 First Class ticket holders will be able to benefit from complimentary breakfasts at five of our First Class Lounges. Available at Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and London St Pancras International, breakfasts at First Class lounges will provide you with a selection of light breakfast items including croissants, yoghurts, cereals and fruit to ensure that your day gets off to a good start. Breakfast will be available at the available First Class Lounges until 0900 on weekdays.

First Class All Day Menu

Fight the cold with our delicious Chilli Con Carne or for something lighter there's our new Spicy Chicken Burrito. You can also now enjoy one of our lighter snacks with a beer for just £7, just another reason to enjoy a relaxing beer on your way home from a hard day. Our tradional yet mouth watering Ham and Cheese Toasty will also do the trick for keeping you warm so you'll be pleased to know that this is still on our menu, and you can now try our Gourmet Burger - just the thing for when you're hungry on a cold day! Of course we still have many of your favourites too, including the Croque Provencal, so whether you're looking for a tried and tested lunch or something new for dinner, look no further than our  new menu.

View our First Class Menus

First Class Weekend Service

Travelling First Class during the weekend and Bank Holidays just got better. With all that extra legroom, you’ll be able to sit back, stretch out and relax. You can also enjoy a complimentary drink and snack by showing your ticket and, if you fancy a little extra, buy a selection of tempting snacks from our buffet service.

Got a Standard Class ticket but wished you purchased a First Class ticket? At weekends you can upgrade to First Class on board our trains for just £10 each way, allowing you to enjoy larger seats, refreshments (available from the buffet bar when you show your First Class ticket) and complimentary WiFi.

If you have an Anytime, Off Peak or Super Off Peak ticket you can purchase your upgrade on board your train or at a Ticket Office. If you have an Advance ticket the upgrade is subject to availability and can be purchased on board your train only.

First Class Lounges

We have recently invested in upgrading our First Class lounges at Derby, Nottingham and London St Pancras to create a more relaxing environment while you wait for your train.  You can now enjoy new carpets, comfy furniture and atmospheric wall art creating a modern and stylish lounge for you to relax within. 

You can now enjoy a complimentary breakfast at five of our First Class lounges including Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and London St Pancras International, providing you with a completely First Class experience from start to finish. First Class Lounge breakfasts include options such as croissants, cereals, yoghurts and fruit and are available all morning until 0900.

Entry to East Midlands Trains First Class Lounges is complimentary for First Class ticket holders. All lounges offer complimentary WiFi, refreshments and a selection of newspapers while you wait in comfort for your train. First Class Lounges are open Monday to Friday to all First Class ticket holders.

East Midlands Trains First Class Lounges are available at Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, London St Pancras and our Business Lounge at East Midlands Parkway station.

First Class Lounges Opening Hours
Derby 0600-1830
Leicester 0600-1800
Nottingham 0615-1815
Sheffield 0600-1830
London St Pancras 0700-2000
East Midlands Parkway 0530-1100

All First Class ticket holders, including First Advance, can exclusively use our First Class Lounges

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