Delay Repay

We hate to be late as much as you do, so our Delay Repay scheme is an easy way to claim compensation for any delays over 30 minutes.

You can simply claim by completing the claim form (with details of your delayed journey made within 28 days), upload your ticket or booking information. Please note - if you are claiming for more than one ticket, please complete and submit a separate form for each ticket. You can choose how you would like compensation to be paid or if you would rather give it to charity. It’s as easy as that. If you didn’t travel at all, due to the disruption to our train service, you can obtain a full refund at the place where you bought your ticket. See further details.

We pay compensation in various ways (to ensure this suits your needs) and within 14 days of your claim being agreed. 

Bacs (bank transfer) - This is the quickest form of paying compensation; we will need your sort code, account number, name of bank and bank address for this.

PayPal - If you have a valid PayPal account which is linked to your credit/debit card, you can claim compensation this way, just remember to use the registered PayPal email address when completing the form.

Find out more and how to use PayPal

Cheque - This may take slightly longer to process, as we will need to post the cheque to you.

Rail Travel Vouchers - These are generally posted to you on the same day when we have agreed your claim. They can be used as full or part payment for all rail tickets at any station ticket office to travel with any UK rail company.

Charity We work in partnership with the charity Mind and you can also use the form to donate your compensation. Mind provides information, support and guidance on mental health issues to communities within the UK. 

If these methods are not suitable for you or your need any assistance in completing the form, please contact our UK based Customer Service Centre. If you would like to understand how we manage your data please click here. Our staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 03457 125678 or @EMTrains on Twitter. You can view our updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy by clicking here

Please ensure that when completing the form you have:

  • Full details of the East Midlands Train that caused you to be late
  • Bank account details (if Bacs is required)
  • Paypal email address (if PayPal is required)
  • Your train ticket or proof of purchase to upload (up to 2MB).This can be via a scan/photo of the ticket (via jpeg, tif, png or gif)
  • Booking reference number (if booked by East Midlands Trains website)
  • If you are a season ticket holder,  your photocard number and the ticket cost

See more information about our Delay Scheme

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If the delay to an East Midlands Train caused you miss your booked connection and you were delayed by 30 minutes or more at your destination station, we will still provide you with compensation. Please just complete details of the East Midlands Trains journey and tick the box ‘ This was part of a connecting journey’.

Did you not travel with East Midlands Trains or unsure who you travelled with?

You may still be able to claim compensation from the train company that caused the delay to your journey. Find out which company to contact.

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