Donate As You Claim

railway children

When claiming a refund through our Delay Repay scheme, you have the option to donate this to charity.

Our first partner is Railway Childrena charity fighting for children at risk on the streets of the UK, India and East Africa who run away from home or are forced to leave due to poverty, violence or neglect. 

We hate to be late as much as you do, so our Delay Repay scheme is an easy way to claim compensation for any delays over 30 minutes. Donate as you claim offers the chance to make a postive difference with your refund.

This partnership with Railway Children will hopefully help turn an unfortunate situation into something hugely positive, having a very real impact on the lives of vulnerable children in the UK, India and East Africa.


Just £6 will allow us to feed a child in India three meals a day for a week. 


An £11 donation could buy a new set of clothes for a child in Africa.

£20 And £20 could fund an hour of support work for the family of a UK runaway.
£60 £60 could pay for a child on the streets to go to school in India for a whole year.

How to make your donation

To make a charitable donation, just select 'Charity' on your Delay Repay form and 100% of your refund will be donated to Railway Children.

You can continue to claim Delay Repay compensation either by Bacs (bank transfer), PayPal, cheque or rail travel vouchers).