Proud to be your train company until 2019

In September, following an announcement by the Department for Transport, it was announced that we are proud to be your train company until March 2019.

Between now and March 2019, as part of a £13 million investment package, there will be plenty of new and exciting things coming your way to ensure that we continue to provide you with the best possible customer service. Here is what you've got to look foward to:

  What you can look foward to What this means
  Better Value Fares We're freezing all Anytime fares to London between now and 2017, so you won't have to pay any more for an Anytime ticket to London than you do now. 
  Improved stations and trains with better facilities We'll be adding extra cleaning staff on our trains and cleaner stations as well as investing in our maintenance depots. We'll also be investing in more secure stations and new help-points at 29 of our stations. On top of all this we'll also be making stations more accessible and installing 9 new digital information screens.
  More weekend services We'll be adding more services and faster journey times on Saturdays between Nottingham and Lincoln, making shopping trips and visits to family members easier! We'll also be working with the Department for Transport to look at options for further improvements to services at weekends.
  An upgraded on-board experience

We'll be improving the on board catering for customers on our London and Liverpool to Norwich routes. If you travel on our London route you can look forward to our new on-board shop offering a wider selection of food and drink available during peak times and at weekends. We'll also be extending our complimentary breakfast service on weekdays and weekends. And if you travel on our Liverpool to Norwich route between Nottingham and Peterborough you'll be pleased to know that we'll be offering an at seat catering service along this section of the route, as well as our current offering between Liverpool and Nottingham.

We'll also be upgrading our WiFi to 4G and offering 15 minutes free WiFi on our London train.

  Making things easier for you We'll be making it easier to buy and collect tickets from our stations with extra ticket machines, and soon you'll be able to buy tickets on the move with our new app. Our Passenger Service offering will also be improved with a new Passenger Assistance booking system and a new in-house disability advisor. We'll also be making it easier for you to receive your compensation when delayed in accordance with our Delay Repay programme and our teams at stations and on train will be better equipped to provide you with information thanks to the rollout of 700 new smartphones to employees.
  Investment in people and communities We'll be extending our popular Community Rail Programme. Our teams have won many awards for this over the years and we'll be supporting the programme with an extra £250,000 in funding and a new Community Partnerships Manager. We'll also be rolling out school education and work experience iniatives and we'll be supporting local small and medium-sized businesses. On top of all this we're launching a Charity Committee and expanding our station adoption scheme - there's a lot going on!

East Midlands Matters: Customer Report

As well as the above we'll also be publishing East Midlands Matters twice a year where you can find out what's been happening around our network and we'll keep you up to date with what's coming soon. You can find this at stations or take a look at our first edition below.

Read issue 8 of East Midlands Matters [PDF]