We're ready to help 24/7

Proud to provide customer service around the clock. Yep, even at 3am.

We believe that brilliant service shouldn’t be a surprise, it should be your everyday. Whether you’re wanting an answer to a question about your ticket at 3am, help finding your platform, or need one of our superheroes to help find your lost property super speedily, we’re ready and waiting.

With our brand spanking new look comes a renewed focus on the heart of our business – you. So expect to see a lot more of the little things that help make your day when you travel with us.

shaun from sheffield

Our superstars

Allow us introduce you to Shaun, a member of the Customer Experience team from Sheffield.

Our latest TV ad tells the true story of when Shaun helped a woman, who was feeling anxious, to find her platform and train.

Shaun said: "When I was talking to her about her ticket I could tell she was a little anxious so tried to reassure her, as she walked away I decided to make sure she was ok so I closed my window and I think I remembered her from a bright colour she was wearing, I found her and knew she needed help, I just took her across the platforms and found her train for her" 

He added: "it happens a lot, I can sense when they need additional help and I love to provide it."

Let us introduce you to Gemma:

gemma in our customer service team

Gemma works in our Customer Service Centre and every day she helps our customers with their questions, complaints, lost property and everything in between.

Gemma, who has worked for East Midlands Trains in Derby for two years, said:

“It was a real surprise to find out that I was going to be featured in a TV ad!  As a mum myself, I was really upset to hear about the poor little boy who had lost his teddy and luckily I was in a position to help.  We take all kinds of calls in our customer relations team, and it’s really great to be able to make a real difference to somebody’s experience of East Midlands Trains.” 

Our adverts

Have a look at our TV adverts. In this first one, our team go the extra mile to make Dorris feel like a Queen on her 90th birthday trip to London. 

Watch our second advert, where Shaun from our Sheffield Ticket Office helps a customer to her train:

Watch our first TV advert, where a little boy loses his teddy: