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Air Conditioning

We run a variety of different types of trains on our network and around two-thirds of these are air conditioned.

On our London routes we run Meridians and High Speed Trains, these are all air conditioned. On our local routes we run 153, 156, and 158 type trains. Of these, only the 158 types have air conditioning.

When the 158 trains were built in the late 1980s they were fully fitted with air conditioning and suited longer journeys with fewer stops. The 153 and 156 trains were built for shorter journeys and didn’t have air conditioning.

Due to their age, the lack of space, and the extra power which would be needed, it would be really difficult to retrofit air conditioning units to our trains.

When it’s really hot outside, or the trains are busy, the air conditioning won’t be able to reduce the temperature as well as some newer trains.

We have processes in place to continually monitor the temperatures of our trains, as well as to help keep you comfortable when you’re travelling with us. If you feel uncomfortable at any point during your journey, you should speak with the train manager or conductor on board.