Disruption Information


Improvements to our local trains


We’re committed to making our trains more accessible, improving on board facilities and the experience of all our customers. As such, we are making improvements to our local train fleet, ahead of upcoming changes to legislation.

In order to deliver these improvements we will temporarily be reducing the number of carriages on a small number of our services. From Monday 16th April until Friday 20th July the changes outlined below will be in place.

Monday 21st May to Friday 20th July

Monday to Friday the following services will be formed of two carriages, rather than the usual three outside of school holiday periods:

  • 0735 Nottingham-Skegness
  • 1045 Nottingham-Skegness
  • 1145 Nottingham-Skegness
  • 1245 Nottingham-Skegness
  • 1545 Nottingham-Skegness
  • 1015 Skegness-Nottingham
  • 1315 Skegness-Nottingham
  • 1415 Skegness-Nottingham
  • 1509 Skegness-Nottingham
  • 1814 Skegness-Nottingham

The following services will be formed of two carriages, rather than the usual four outside of school holiday periods: 

  • 0955 Nottingham-Skegness
  • 1445 Nottingham-Skegness
  • 1215 Skegness-Nottingham
  • 1730 Skegness-Nottingham

Some of our services between Derby and Crewe on Fridays will be formed of one carriage instead of two.

On Saturdays and Sundays we’re not planning on changing any of our services.

If you’re travelling between Hucknall/Bulwell and Nottingham you can use your East Midlands Trains ticket to travel on Nottingham Tram services during the morning peak between Hucknall/Bulwell and Station Street.

If you've got a ticket for a train which has been affected by these changes, you may choose to travel on the East Midlands train directly before, or directly after, the one you're booked on.

There may still be occasions when we have to run other services with fewer carriages than normal as well. Although we do everything we can to stop this from happening, unexpected disruption and changes can mean unplanned changes are needed.

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.