Disruption Information


Thinking of Travelling to Skegness this Summer?

Is it that time of year again already?  Where you can pack the kids up with their buckets and spades and go and spend the day in sunny Skeg.  We know our trains can get very busy over the weekends during the summer so on Saturdays we are providing more carriages to the route by using our big HST trains from our London route to get you to Skegness comfortably.  These trains are slightly different as they have doors that have to be opened manually by the means of a handle from the outside of the train, this is done by pulling down a window within the door.

Whilst the train is in motion these windows must remain up and at no time should customers attempt to open them whilst the train is in motion.  This is for your own safety as the route to Skegness has trees and foliage which can, at times, come into close contact with the trains.  There is also bridges and other structures along the route where leaning out of the door windows could cause serious injury.  For additional safety we have extra staff on these trains to assist. 

Could customers please ensure they do not lean out of the train windows when in motion, only opening the window to open the door when the train has come to a complete stop.  Customers who do not adhere to these safety rules may be asked to leave the train at the next station.

We hope you all have a pleasant journey and enjoy your day out safely.

Our HSTs trains will be running on Summer Saturdays between Saturday 20th July until Saturday 7th September on the following services:

  • 0753 Derby to Skegness calling at Long Eaton (0803), Beeston (0812), Nottingham (0824), Sleaford (0919), Boston (0951) arriving into Skegness at 1029.
  • 0943 Nottingham to Skegness calling at Grantham (1021), Sleaford (1057), Boston (1127) arriving Skegness 1203
  • 1140 Skegness to Derby calling at Boston (1225), Sleaford (1247), Nottingham (1350), Long Eaton (1407) arriving Derby (1417).
  • 1235 Skegness to Nottingham calling at Boston (1315), Sleaford (1339) arriving Nottingham 1437.