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Daisy the dog safe and sound at Loughborough train station after hitching a ride on the Derby to London service

A little lost dog that had wandered onto East Midlands Trains’ mainline route to London had a narrow escape last Monday 14 April.

When East Midlands Trains 1834 Derby to London St Pancras service arrived at Long Eaton station the driver noticed a small West Highland Terrier was near the line. The dog (later identified as Daisy from Long Eaton) then moved underneath the train. The driver, assisted by train manager James Harvey, managed to coax out and catch the dog. As they did not know where the dog had come from, James decided to keep her safe and take her on board the train, bound for London, next stop Loughborough.

At Loughborough, the dog was then passed into the safe care of the station team. They called the police who managed to locate the dog’s owners who eventually went to Loughborough to collect their wayward pet. It seems she had escaped unnoticed from their back garden near the train station in Long Eaton.

James Harvey, train manager on the train involved, said, “As a train company we are always asking people not to trespass onto the line because it’s a dangerous place to be and this little dog had a very narrow escape. It’s a relief that we managed to catch her safely and I think she enjoyed her trip on a train with us.”

Richard Pearson, who is one of the team at Loughborough train station  that looked after Daisy until the arrival of her owners said, “She was a very cute and friendly dog, I’m just glad we were able to track down the owners and that she didn’t get hurt. She ate a whole tin of dog food that we bought for her and my colleague’s dinner of pork chops while she was waiting for her owners, so she didn’t seem too distressed by his adventure!”

Pictured below are the team at Loughborough, left to right; Tracey Ingram, Richard Pearson and Julian Patty along with Daisy the dog.

Daisy Dog