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East Midlands Trains Customer Service Week #TrainWatch

This week it's Customer Service Week and our Control team are going to give you a behind the scenes insight into running our railway.

On Sunday night (04 October) we named two of our trains "EMT Customer Service Week #TrainWatch" and this week our control will be telling you what happens to these trains. We'll share with you how many miles they clock up, how much fuel they need and the story of what happens to them during the week.

If you're travelling with us keep a look out for High Speed Train (HST) power car 43045 running to and from London St Pancras International and unit 156404 running across our local routes. If you have your camera take a picture and tweet us with  #TrainWatch

Friday 09 October - 1430

It's the end of Customer Service Week and the end of our #TrainWatch story.

High speed train power car 43 045 - which was built the same year as Star Wars was released - has clocked up a massive 3, 921 miles running on our network since Monday; that's the equivalent as going from Derby to the equator.

Meanwhile since Monday our unit 156 404 will have completed 2, 263 miles by the time it reaches the Nottingham Eastcroft depot on Friday night. Another famous train to have travelled the same distance was the 'Santa Fe De Luxe' which also travelled 2, 263 miles a week from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Friday 09 October - 0900

43 045 is planned 868 miles today, and if all goes to plan will end at our Derby Etches Park depot this evening. Overnight 43 045 had a service check and all was well, it also had it's fuel topped up ahead of entering service, 2,508 litres in total!

156404 is planned to work around Lincolnshire and Matlock for today. It's scheduled miles are 439. Here are some snaps taken out and about yesterday of 156404.



Thursday 08 October - 1330

Our #TrainWatch trains are continuing to clock up the miles this week, today 43 045 is planned to cover 857 miles and is working to and from Nottingham for most of the day. 

#TrainWatch fact: 43 045 was born on 19 March 1977 and carried the name "The Grammar School Doncaster AD 1350" between November 1983 December 1997.

156404 has been busy around Lincolnshire and then Matlock today. It's planned miles for today are 439.  Here's a couple of snaps wev'e received via Twitter of 156404 at Matlock today in the Autumn sun.

#TrainWatch fact: 156404 was delivered to Norwich Crown Point in February 1988. It's first passenger working was a relief service from Derby to Lincoln on the 31 March 1988. 156404 moved to Derby in May 1991.

Wednesday 07 October - 1630

By the end of today our #TrainWatch power car 43 045 shall have travelled a further 919 miles. So by the middle of Customer Service Week the power car has travelled 2, 196 miles; that's the same as Derby, across the Atlantic to the coastline of Newfoundland.

Our unit 156 404 continues to work hard across our local routes. Today the train is working 15 individual services on the Matlock and the Robin Hood Lines. So far this week the unit has clocked up 1, 385 miles.

Wednesday 07 October - 0830

Today our #TrainWatch power car 43 045 is working; the 0634 Leeds - St Pancras, 1115 St Pancras - Nottingham, 1332 Nottingham - St Pancras, 1615 St Pancras - Nottingham, 1832 Nottingham - St Pancras, and the 2225 St Pancras - Sheffield. By the end of today the power car shall have travelled a further 919 miles. Last night the power car had a 'B exam' at our Neville Hill depot near Leeds. Exams are like MOTs and services on cars. A 'B exam' is carried out every 7 days and during the exam our maintenance teams check the safety systems, and the general condition of the power car. 

Meanwhile today our #TrainWatch unit 156 404 is working; a number of trains on our Matlock route and on the Robin Hood Line between Nottingham, Mansfield & Worksop. By the end of today the unit shall have travelled a further 389 miles.

Tuesday 06 October - 1730

By the end of today our #TrainWatch power car 43 045 shall have travelled 1, 277 miles so far this week. That's the same as Derby to the southern tip of Italy; as the crow flies.

Our #TrainWatch unit 156 404 shall complete its day at our Nottingham Eastcroft depot. By the time it get's there it shall have travelled just short of one thousand miles on our local networks; 996 to be exact!

If you spot our #TrainWatch trains on the network, please snap a picture and tweet us it.

Tuesday 06 October - 1300

Our #TrainWatch unit 156 404 developed a fault with the headlight this morning. Unlike road vehicles a train needs to display a headlight so workers on the track can identify which direction a train is travelling in. Our fitter at Nottingham was able to repair the fault without a delay.

Tuesday 06 October - 1130

We've been filming more Periscope action, and we caught up with the London Ambulance Service to watch a demonstration on how to save a life in 5 minutes at London St Pancras. You can watch the film here.

Tuesday 06 October - 0800

Last night on depot power car 43045 took on 2,600 litres of fuel. Today the train worked empty from the Neville Hill near Leeds to Sheffield. It's now working 0530 Sheffield to London St Pancras International. The train will then go to the sidings at Cricklewood near London before returning to run the 1825 London St Pancras to Sheffield this evening. Tonight the train shall run empty back to the Neville Hill depot. By the end of today our power car shall have travelled a further 420 miles.

Meanwhile unit 156 404 was fuelled with 550 litres last night at Eastcroft depot in Nottingham and it will be working between Nottingham and Skegness today. Starting out on the 0641 Nottingham - Skegness, 0906 Skegness - Nottingham, 1115 Nottingham - Skegness, 1415 Skegness - Nottingham, 1645 Nottingham - Skegness, 1949 Skegness – Nottingham. The unit’s day shall end with the 2226 Nottingham - Newark Castle before returning empty to Nottingham. By the end of today this unit shall have travelled a further 507 miles.

Monday 05 October - 1740

train watch hst

Tonight power car 43045 will get a service check, be cleaned and fuelled on Neville Hill Depot, near Leeds. During today the power car developed a minor fault with the spare seat in the driving cab; our team at the depot will take a look at this tonight.

156 404 will also be service checked, cleaned and fuelled tonight at our Nottingham Eastcroft depot. One of our travelling fitters this morning discovered a minor engine fault on the train and the depot will take a look at this overnight. Tomorrow we are planning for this unit to run train services on our Nottingham - Skegness route; so if you spot it, take a picture and tweet us.

By the time 156 404 reaches the depot tonight it shall have travelled the same distance as Derby to the Norwegian coast as the crow flies! 

Monday 05 October - 1200

Today we've been using Periscope to give you a sneek peak in our Control here and on board one of our trains here.

Monday 05 October - 0800

43045 was named "EMT Customer Service Week #TrainWatch" on Neville Hill Depot, near Leeds last night.

Today this train will work the services below and if all goes to plan it will clock up 857 miles by the time it arrives at depot this evening! 0710 Nottingham to London ,1015 London to Nottingham , 1232 Nottingham to London, 1515 London to Nottingham ,1732 Nottingham to London ,1955 London to Leeds. 

If we were to travel 857 miles from our control centre we could visit 16 different countries in Europe!

Trainwatch 156

156404 was named "EMT Customer Service Week #TrainWatch" at our Eastcroft Depot, near Nottingham last night. If all goes to plan the train will clock up 489 miles by the time it arrives at depot this evening. Below is what this train is planned to work today.

0627 Derby to Nottingham, 0732 Nottingham to Leicester, 0826 Leicester to Lincoln, 1036 Lincoln to Leicester, 1226 Leicester to Lincoln, 1436 Lincoln to Leicester, 1628 Leicester to Lincoln, 1835 Lincoln to Leicester, 2026 Leicester to Lincoln, 2208 Newark Castle to Nottingham.

Remember if you see our #TrainWatch trains send us your snaps and we will post the best ones on here.