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East Midlands Trains customers raise over £2,000 for Railway Children charity

  • Innovative scheme allowed customers to donate their Delay Repay compensation
  • Raised a total of £2,265 during 2017
  • Part of commitment to boosting local communities
  • Railway Children fights for children at risk on the streets of the UK, India and East AfricaEast Midlands Trains customers have raised over £2,000 for children on the streets of the UK, India and East Africa – just by donating their Delay Repay compensation.

At the start of 2017, East Midlands Trains announced an innovative scheme which allowed customers who are claiming compensation for a delayed journey to instead donate it to charity. During 2017, this charity was Railway Children and to date £2,265 has been raised and donated to the charity. It's part of East Midlands Trains' commitment to boost local communities and spread opportunity across the East Midlands and beyond. 

Railway Children fights for and protects vulnerable children at risk on the streets of the UK, India and East Africa who run away from home or are forced to leave due to poverty, violence or neglect.

East Midlands Trains compensation scheme, Delay Repay, allows customers to claim money back if their journey is delayed by 30 minutes or more. Customers can continue to claim the money in a variety of ways, including bank transfer, cheque, PayPal or travel vouchers. This scheme also allows customers to simply tick a box and their compensation is paid, in full, to the chosen charity.

Jake Kelly, Managing Director, East Midlands Trains, said: “We’re delighted our customers have helped to raise over £2,000 for Railway Children this year, money which I hope will be well received.

“We have been the UK’s most punctual long distance train operator for the last eight years and we are working hard to increase customer satisfaction and get better. However, we know things do go wrong sometimes and when they do, it is very frustrating for our customers.

“We hope this scheme will continue to provide some support for the many good causes in the country and we would like to thank our customers for their generosity.”

Dave Ellis, Corporate Partnerships Manager for Railway Children, added: “At Railway Children we are very lucky to have great support from some fantastic partners within the rail industry such as East Midlands Trains.

This scheme is a great example of how that relationship has been a success for everyone involved. The Delay Repay  scheme has raised a fantastic amount as well as creating even greater awareness of the work of Railway Children and we can’t  thank EMT and their customers enough for their generosity. These funds will have a very real impact on the lives of the vulnerable children we work with in Africa, India and here in the UK. 

"We have collected an incredible £2,265 from EMT today and that amount alone could pay for food, educational materials and equipment at one of our shelters in India for two months, caring for 25 children every day. The difference that makes to these children will genuinely change their lives.”

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