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England and Wales Largest Children's Arts Festival Returns to Leicester

The Spark Festival has opened up in Leicester and this year sees a fantastic line up of workshops, digital experiences and creative activites for children aged 13 years and under.

Running from Tuesday 27 May 2014 to Sunday 1 June 2014, the Spark Festival provides a great set of entertainment events to keep your children occupied during the school holidays.  

With Horrible Histories brought to life on stage and live performances of children's book, The Gruffalo, those children interested in drama, history or theatre can enjoy the programme.  Alternatively younger children can enjoy "Bedtime Stories," a comfy evening with professional readings taking place in a theatre designed a a relaxing bedroom setting.  With plenty of events on offer, whether your child is interested in music, science, magic or art, the Spark Festival has something to entertain.

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