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Final countdown to Nottingham's major railway change

The final countdown to the start of Nottingham’s major transformation scheme is now underway and passengers are being reminded to familiarise themselves with all the arrangements in place for travel during this time.

Saturday 20 July will mark day one of a 37 day project that will see the complete renewal of the railway around Nottingham.  As part of this project, more than a mile of track will be relayed with a series of junctions, as well as the construction of a new platform and more than 140 new signals.

As a result of the scale and complexity of the works, there will be significant changes to East Midlands Trains services on routes to and from Nottingham between Saturday 20 July and Sunday 25 August.  In partnership with CrossCountry and Northern Rail, a comprehensive timetable has been produced covering all trains and replacement bus services to/from Nottingham.

East Midlands Trains and Network Rail have invested around three years of careful planning to ensure that passengers can have the best possible journey during the improvement work.  Extensive measures have been put in place including station enhancements at key stations, discounted travel and alternative travel arrangements with bus and rail operators.

David Horne, Managing Director for East Midlands Trains, said: “It’s really exciting that Nottingham will start such a major transformation in just a few days.

“A huge amount of effort and more than three years worth of detailed planning has taken place by our teams to ensure our passengers get the best possible service during the works.  Our 100+ strong team of volunteers are now getting ready to get out to stations and help our passengers with every step of their journey.

“We’ll be keeping passengers regularly informed on progress with the works and with any useful information they need for their journey with us.  As well as weekly email updates, regular updates on our website,, we’ll also have lots of information at stations and on our trains.  In addition, a dedicated twitter feed will provide useful information and answer any questions on travel arrangements during the works using ‘Shirley’, who many people will recognise as the face of our communications campaign.”

To sign up to receive weekly email updates, visit or to follow the dedicated twitter feed, follow @shirley_updates.  A life-sized Shirley mascot will be at Nottingham throughout the works helping the team of customer service volunteers keep people on the move.

Network Rail's Route Managing Director Phil Verster said: "The vital work we are about to carry out at Nottingham will be the biggest change to the railway in the city since the 1960s and will allow operators to trains more reliably and more often than ever before.

"We will be installing the latest technology on the route, along with new track, improved junctions and a new platform too. This will leave the city's railway in a much better position to serve the millions of people who use it every year."

Helping passengers keep on the move

Extensive measures have been put in place to help passengers with their journeys during the Nottingham re-signalling works including:

  • A comprehensive timetable has been published providing details of all train and bus services to/from Nottingham from 20 July to 25 August.
  • Extra car parking spaces are being provided at East Midlands Parkway and Beeston, with extra toilets and waiting rooms at Alfreton, Beeston, Derby and East Midlands Parkway.
  • Passengers needed to use a replacement bus service for their journey during the works will receive a 15% discount on their ticket.  In addition, season ticket holders will also receive two weeks of travel vouchers in compensation.
  • Arrangements have been made with other train operators to travel on certain alternative routes using their East Midlands Trains ticket to avoid Nottingham.  In addition, an agreement is in place with trentbarton for rail passengers to use xpress bus services between Bingham and Nottingham and Kinchbus9 services between Nottingham and Loughborough.
  • Over 100 additional customer service volunteers will be helping out at key locations to provide extra assistance to passengers.
  • A comprehensive bus timetable will see buses leaving from Station Street to the west and Trent Street (for destinations in the east), with bus arrival drop offs in Canal Street and Queens Road close to the station. Nottingham City Council will be changing the traffic flows around the station for the duration of the work and we are also working with the Highways Agency so their widening work on the A453 does not impact on the replacement bus service. This is not just rail replacement, but a military-style operation involving hundreds of extra staff to assist passengers and a comprehensive control system to keep things flowing efficiently. During May, we carried out a full test exercise of the rail replacement services to ensure that everything is ready in terms of bus timings, passenger drop off and pick up points plus timing for loading and unloading passengers and luggage.
  • The planned number of buses operating on each route is as follows (please note: the number of buses will increase at peak periods):
  • East Midlands Parkway to Nottingham (for connections to London and Liverpool-Norwich services) = 5 buses an hour • Beeston to Nottingham = 3 buses an hour • Derby to Nottingham = 4 buses an hour • Alfreton to Nottingham (for connections from Northern Rail services) = 2 buses an hour • Mansfield to Nottingham = 4 buses an hour• Worksop to Nottingham = 1 bus an hour • Grantham to Nottingham = 2 buses an hour • Grantham to East Midlands Parkway = 1 bus an hour • Newark Castle to Nottingham = 2 buses an hour• Newark Castle to East Midlands Parkway = 1 bus an hour