News from East Midlands Trains


Improved cycle facilities at 29 East Midlands Trains stations

  • Over 200 new bike spaces delivered  as part of £10 million station improvement scheme 
  • New design Streetpods easy to use and users able to secure both wheels within seconds 
  • Integrated rail and cycle is one of the most environmentally friendly means of transport 

Local cyclists are now benefitting from new Streetpods and Cyclepods, creating over 200 extra secure cycle spaces at stations throughout the East Midlands Trains network, as part of a commitment by the train operator to make it easier for passengers to access stations using environmentally friendly transport. 

The Streetpod is the latest revolutionary cycle storage design. The highly secure and stylish product offers maximum bike protection for public location and open spaces.  The Streetpod has the ability to secure the bike frame and both wheels with a single lock. 

The revolutionary design of the Streetpods, developed by Nottingham Trent University graduate James Steward, allows both wheels to be securely locked with a single lock within a few seconds. The new Streetpods are made of 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. Cyclists will save time while benefitting from a highly secure facility for cycle storage. 

The new Streetpods, which underpin a commitment to integrated travel, have now been introduced at a number of stations across the East Midlands Trains network including: 

Alsager (2) Ancaster (2), Blythe Bridge (2) Boston (8) Collingham (4) Hucknall (6) Heckington (4), Kettering (4) Kidsgrove (6), Leicester (6), Lincoln (10), Long Eaton (4), Longport (2) Longton (2), Mansfield (3), Market Harborough (8), Metheringham (6), Newark Castle (10), Ruskington (2), Spalding (8), Sleaford (4), Spondon (4), Saxilby (4), Stamford (2), Sutton Parkway (10), Swinderby (2), Whatstandwell (3) Wainfleet (4) .

In addition, Derby station has benefitted from two new Cyclepods which allow space for 16 bikes.  These innovative umbrella-shaped shelters allow safe and easy vertical parking for cycle users. The Cyclepod is an innovative cycle storage product which makes a real impact. The eye catching design offers two separate locking points per cycle and secures 8 bikes in a two meter diameter and is ideal where space is particularly important. The pods are built to last and are weather resistant.   

David Horne, Commercial and Customer Service Director for East Midlands Trains, said: “Not all commuters are able to cycle directly to work, but many might be able to travel part of the way by bike. We believe by providing an additional 200 highly secure cycling spaces, we will encourage more people to cut down on their reliance on cars and consider alternative methods of transport when travelling to and from our stations.  We know that door-to-door journey times are a key factor for most people when deciding which mode of transport to use and there is a case to be made for how cycling, when well integrated at either end of a train trip, can help reduce overall travel times.” 

“We’re committed to improving access to our stations for all users, and the new cycle facilities are part of a £10 million station investment programme that is delivering improvements right across our network”.