News from East Midlands Trains


On-board improvements for East Midlands Trains customers

  • Upgrades to Class 158 trains which operate mainly on the Liverpool to Norwich line, and some other local routes
  • Improved accessibility, better information and new at-seat USB sockets
  • Part of a range of customer improvements across the network 

The first upgraded Class 158 train is now in service after improvements for East Midlands Trains customers were rolled out this week.

The upgrades to the fleet of 25 trains, carried out by Brush Traction at Loughborough, will benefit customers travelling on East Midlands Trains’ Liverpool to Norwich line and some other local routes.

New features on the Class 158 trains include:

  • Extra wheelchair space and lowered door buttons and symbols to better cater for disabled customers
  • New passenger information screens
  • New at-seat USB sockets
  • Vacuum toilets, with retention tanks

More capacity for wheelchairs and lowered buttons and symbols will make travelling on-board trains more comfortable and accessible for disabled customers.

The new on-train screens also offer improved journey information for East Midlands Trains customers.

Installation of USB sockets will enable customers to plug in their mobile devices whilst they are on the move and use for leisure purposes.

The vacuum toilets are another benefit for customers using East Midlands Trains as they are more energy efficient, hygienic and easier to clean.

Chris Wright, Engineering Director for East Midlands Trains, said: “These incremental improvements to the Class 158 trains demonstrate our commitment to providing a great customer environment on board our trains. They will help to add even more comfort and value to our customers.

“We will continue to look at ways to further improve customer experience on our trains and welcome feedback from regular and occasional passengers in order to achieve this.”