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Music Trains are Back

The Music Trains provide an unusual venue for a variety of live music acts and there is time for a stop at Batemans Brewery in Wainfleet where passengers are offered a warm welcome and refreshments at their Windmill Bar.

Next Event Date  

Thursday 27 September  

Unshaven –playing American Root and Blues with numbers from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Cash to set the autumn events off to a rocking start.

The Music Train on Thursday 27 September departs Sleaford Station at 6.55pm; Heckington 7.02pm; Boston 7.21pm for travel to Batemans Brewery.  Revellers catch the return train from Wainfleet at 9.10pm to arrive back in Boston at 9.37pm; Heckington 9.51pm and Sleaford at 9.59pm.

Upcoming Dates

Thursday 25 October  

Keller Kapella – Bavarian band formed by musicians of the Sleaford Concert Band, this evening’s music will be foot stomping, thigh slapping and lots of fun  


Thursday 29 November

 Hairy Mikers – Acoustic duo playing pop covers with a twist and modern folk songs.


Thursday 20 December – Christmas Carols  

Sleaford Concert Band – join us for an evening of music and carol singing with a small group of musicians from the Sleaford Concert Band; a fine start to the festive season.  


Normal scheduled service trains are used for the Music Train events between Sleaford and Wainfleet. A normal rail ticket is required for the journey (current train fares apply) and can be purchased as usual from stations/conductor on train. Passengers can take advantage of GroupSave ticket availability that offers the opportunity for three or four people to travel at the price for two adults. There is no additional charge above the current train fare to join a Music Train event.

 Click here for further information on Groupsave tickets.

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