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Trains Services To Skegness and Lincoln Resume As Major Phase of Nottingham Re-signalling Work Completed

Direct train services are now running to Skegness and Lincoln again, following the completion of a major phase of the Nottingham re-signalling project.

Network Rail engineers have now completed much of the major civil engineering work on the track needed as part of the multi-million pound improvement programme.   

The next phase of the work includes fitting new signals, which could not be previously installed due to track work, and equipment on the track itself such as train warning systems and axle counters, which are used to tell signallers where the trains are.  Exhaustive testing will now continue until the completion of the project on 25 August.

Work in the station continues on the new platform 4, the canopy on platform 6 (soon to be platform 7) and refurbishment of platform 3.

David Horne, Managing Director for East Midlands Trains, said: "We are pleased to be able to start running direct train services to Skegness and Lincoln for our passengers again. 

"We're now over three weeks into this major improvement scheme and it's clear the comprehensive planning has paid off.  We've had some really positive feedback from our customers on the service we are providing and the level of information we have available.

"Our control centre is working well with other agencies to get real-time traffic information and project updates. This is allowing us to plan our bus journeys better and keep customers updated.  Our customer service and control teams are also sending out messages round the clock from the @EMTrains and @Shirley_updates twitter feeds.

"As a busy summer holiday destination, we have worked hard in partnership with Network Rail to run as many train services as possible to Skegness, and we're pleased to have been able to restart direct services again as planned."

Network Rail’s route managing director for East Midlands, Justin Page, said: “We are very pleased with how the work around Nottingham has been going and that completion of work at the east end of the station has been completed on time, allowing these trains to run.

“All the new track and redesigned junctions to the east are in place and we are now fitting the remaining signalling equipment and testing our systems.

“We would like to thank the people of Nottingham and other areas for their patience while we have been doing this work and we look forward to giving them back a new railway later this month.”

Direct train services will now continue running from Nottingham to Skegness and Lincoln between the hours of 08.00 and 20.00. At all other times, an hourly bus service will run between Nottingham and Grantham / Newark with connecting train services through to Skegness and Lincoln.

During the final commissioning phase of the work, which will take place over the last weekend of the project (24/25 August), train services will be replaced by bus services on the Nottingham to Grantham section of the Skegness route and between Nottingham and Newark on the Lincoln route.  Full timetable information is available at