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Giving back to your community can give you a great feeling, knowing that you’ve made a difference and done something worthwhile with your day.

Through becoming a station adopter you will make a difference to the many people that use your local station, from the leisurely trips taken by couples to the daily travel by commuters and the children that visit on a school trip.

Take a look at the sections below to find out more about Station Adoption and whether it’s for you:

What is Station Adoption?

Station Adoption is when a group of individuals make a big difference at their local station. We have a large number of stations across our network – many of which are unstaffed. It’s not always possible for us to visit all our stations as often as we would like and this is where we need help from people like you.

Station Adopters are the eyes and ears at their local station, helping to ensure that the station is well presented and looked after. Station Adopters get involved at their station doing tasks they put forward.

From being the eyes and ears, reporting faults and station issues through to developing gardens and having a much more active role. Our adopters are supported by the local station management team who are there to work with and support the Station Adopter. All in all this makes a big different to the station and its customers.

It’s easy to join, simply complete our Station Adopter application form and return the form to us via post.

Why adopt a station with East Midlands Trains?

Whether large or small, a local train station is at the heart of the community. It’s used by people on a regular basis and is one of the main transport hubs in the community. We want all our stations to provide a welcoming clean and well maintained environment and with the help of our station adopter, we can make sure we achieve this.

So if you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to get involved with the community, make new friends and take pride in your station, then  Station Adoption could be for you.

What are the benefits of being a Station Adopter?

Not only can you take pride and satisfaction by helping your community and create a nicer environment at your local station, but you also receive complimentary travel with East Midlands Trains.

As a member of the Station Adoption Team you will be entitled to a complimentary travel pass if you need to travel from your home station to your adopted station to carry out your Station Adoption duties. You will also receive a total of four complimentary leisure travel tickets per year for yourself and a partner.

If the station has a pay and display car park you will also receive a car park pass to use when carrying out your Station Adoption duties. Also, we hold an annual meeting for all Station Adopters across the network, plus there are opportunities to attend other events.

What do I need to carry out my Station Adoption duties?

Station Adoption activities must always be carried out in line with our safety brief. The scope of work is agreed between the adopter and the Station Management Team. Work that can be undertaken by a Station Adopter includes:

  • Painting of structures and fixtures to cover graffiti
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Litter picking / rubbish removal
  • General aesthetic improvements
  • Reporting of vandalism
  • Reporting of property faults

Work that is not to be performed by a Station Adopter includes:

  • Repairs and alterations that involve structural aspects of buildings and fixtures. Any work that involves track, signals or equipment.
  • Level crossing equipment
  • Work within 1.25 metres of the white line or the edge of the platform
  • Repairs or alterations to lighting or electrical fittings, gas or water
  • Work on the track as this is carried out by either East Midlands Trains or Network Rail

Where can I become a Station Adopter?

Take a look at our Station Adoption map to see your nearest station available to adopt.

Station Adoption Map

What our current Station Adopters say...

“I volunteer because I love gardening and care about the environment, plus it has helped me find a whole new group of friends.” Carol, Kidsgrove Station

“Being Station Adopters gives the opportunity for us to make our station, the most reliable public transport entrance to our village, more attractive and at the same time promote train travel, and our Train Operating Company, as the preferred means of travelling to and from nearby cities.” Michael, Matlock Bath Station

“It costs me nothing but a spare bit of time and it’s great being part of a team.” Austin, Blythe Bridge Station

“Working with my fellow volunteers we always have a laugh and a chat and end the day feeling we have done something useful.” Marion, Alsager Sation

“I volunteer because I think it helps others to take care of where they live.” Janice, Tutbury and Hatton Station

Benefits of station adoption

Here’s five reasons why you should become a Station Adopter

  1. Make a difference in your community
  2. Get into gardening
  3. Make new friends – you’ll always be welcomed by our Station Adoption teams
  4. Help the environment
  5. Free travel. To say thank you for helping the local community we offer all station adopters free travel when carrying out station adoption duties, plus a complimentary for you and your partner to enjoy.

Carolyn at Skegness

Carolyn has been a station adopter at Skegness for Carolyn has been visiting Skegness station nearly  every weekend since 2008. She also has 2 friends who have become local celebrities - her dogs Rupert and Charlie. They have become part of the station team and provide a friendly welcome to customers who use the station.

Looking for a space for your local group?

We've identified a number of spaces across our network to help our local communities. To register your interest or find out more please email our community team.

Join now

I would like to be considered as an East Midlands Trains station adopter, I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Station Adoption Team. Once your application is accepted, a safety brief will be carried out and you will be required to agree to terms and conditions of the Station Adoption Scheme including the Drugs and Alcohol Policy.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing for your contact details to be held by East Midlands Trains and to be passed onto the responsible council if your station is covered by a Community Rail Partnership Officer.