North Staffordshire Line

Covering Crewe to Derby, the North Staffordshire Line has had many improvements made to the stations along the route thanks to our Community Rail Partnership and volunteers.

North Staffordshire Line stations have improved enormously through great partnership working. A team of over 50 dedicated North Staffordshire Line station adopters take great pride in providing the finishing touch, creating attractive station gardens and flower displays as well as ensuring stations are at the heart of the community.

Working with North Staffordshire Community Rail Partnership and East Midlands Trains are businesses such as Tesco, Nestle and JCB, local councils, community organisations and many schools, all of whom have helped to create improved station facilities and make stations more welcoming through community artwork and station events.

Many of thes stations along our North Staffordshire route have benefitted from community involvement. Students and Station Adopters have helped Alsager become an award winning station, including planting herbs and fruit for station users to pick and enjoy, while Station Adopters over at Tutbury and Hatton have created gorgeous displays that have even received praise from the RHS.

At the 2017 ACoRP Community Rail awards, Uttoxeter was awarded Gold Level for the 'It's Your Station' category. Praise was receive not only for their beautiful gardens, but also for their continual dedication to improve their local community. At the same awards Jan Ratcliffe, a station adopter at Kidsgrove station, was awarded 3rd place in 'Outstanding Volunteer Contribution', Jan has a depth of horticultural knowledge, and has been integral part of the group which has also won many other awards over the years too.

As well as the improvements developed by the local community, East Midlands Trains have committed to improving local stations and stations such as Kidsgrove, Longton, Longport, Uttoxter, Tutbury and Hatton and Blythe Bridge have benefitted from improved waiting shelters and all stations now boast CCTV and cycle storage facilities.

You can find out more about improvements made by the North Staffordshire Line Community Rail Partnership by visiting, taking a look at our latest news.

Interested in getting involved with the North Staffordshire Line Community Rail Partnership? Take a look at our Station Adopters page to see what contributions you can make to your local station.

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