Poacher Line

Our Station Adopters do a marvellous job helping to make our stations welcoming places for visitors and commuters alike, from tending flower planters to providing travel information at many of our unstaffed stations. Partnership working of local communities, authorities and businesses with East Midlands Trains makes the Poacher Line a sustainable and better way to travel.

It's not all about transforming aesthetics on the Poacher Line, as well as improving the environment of Ancaster station and Sleaford station, the Poacher Line also proudly displays a station mural designed and created by pupils from a local school and puts on community events at stations including the Skegness Silver Band and the fantastic music trains. The local community on this line not only help to create a beautiful environment at their local station, but they also help in creating a wholesome atmosphere.

These improvements by the local communities have also been complimented with station improvements by East Midlands Trains. Skegness station has received a complete re-development encompassing the traditional seaside atmosphere of the resort, other benefits to stations include new waiting shelters, new help points and a refurbished, open plan Ticket Office at Sleaford.

Interested in getting involved with the Poacher Line Community Rail Partnership? Take a look at our Station Adopters page to see what contributions you can make to your local station.

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