Stagecoach Group's Sustainable Strategy

The transport group's new five-year strategy, shared responsibility, shared future, produced in partnership with the Carbon Trust, sets out a package of investments at the Group's bus and rail businesses.

It follows a 30% reduction in Stagecoach Group's carbon intensity since 2007-2008 and the achievement of previous targets 12 months ahead of schedule.

In 2013-2014, Stagecoach had a total carbon footprint of 1,563,000 tCO2, a water footprint of 835,000 m3, a waste footprint of 10,200 tonnes and a waste recycling rate of 77%.

By April 2019, the Group is aiming to:
  • Reduce buildings carbon emissions by 7%
  • Cut like-for-like fleet transport carbon emissions by 2%
  • Lower water consumption by 9% 
  • Achieve a waste recycling rate of 83%
Stagecoach Group has already been awarded the prestigious Carbon Trust Standard for measuring, managing and reducing its global carbon footprint, becoming the first public transport operator to have its boundaries certified outside of Europe.

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East Midlands Trains Engineering Quality Policy

This policy reflects the philosophy and beliefs of East Midlands Trains and outlines the Fleet Department's strategic direction to ensure that the standards and performance achieved to date are sustained and improved upon.

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