What are m-Tickets?

An m-Ticket is similar to the standard orange rail ticket, but it’s held on your mobile device and removes the need for a paper ticket.

You can buy an m ticket on our website, download it to your mobile device and then present to rail staff to show you have a valid ticket for your journey in the same way you would a paper ticket.

With m-Tickets you can jump straight on board the train after activating your ticket without needing to collect paper tickets at the station.

You can now buy a range of National Rail tickets to be delivered as an m-Ticket, including Anytime, Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak and Advance.

When booking your ticket on our website, you may be given an option to download your ticket as an m-Ticket. If you are not given this option, unfortunately m-Tickets are not yet available for that route. m- tickets are only available to buy online. 

The fare, validity and terms and conditions of the ticket purchased are similar as the equivalent paper ticket

How do m-Tickets work?

Travelling with m-Tickets:

  1. Download the East Midlands Train mobile app
  2. Login and download your m-Ticket
  3. Activate before you get onboard

Download the East Midlands Trains Android or iOS app

If you select ‘mobile as a delivery option your m-Ticket will be downloaded to your East Midlands Trains app. It's a good idea to install the app on your phone before you buy your ticket.

You can download the app by visiting: 

App store Google play

Login and download your m-Ticket

You will need to log into the app with your East Midlands Trains account to download your m-Ticket.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

Your m-Ticket will arrive approximately 10 minutes after booking and be stored in the ‘My Tickets’ tab of the app. If you do not see the m-Ticket in 'My Tickets', please wait at least 15 minutes after purchase and then refresh My Tickets. If the ticket is not showing please call 0370 333 4875.

Activate before you get onboard

You must activate your ticket before getting on your train or going through the ticket barriers at the station (as your ticket will not be valid if not activated). 

Watch out for low battery: when using an m-Ticket, make sure your phone is charged. If you are unable to display your m-Ticket, you’ll need to buy a new ticket at the full fare.

m-Ticket frequently asked questions - leisure passengers

What routes are m-Tickets available on?

m-Tickets are available on most East Midlands Trains routes and Single and Returnticket types.

m-Tickets are not available for Season tickets or on journeys that  includes travel on or across the London  underground

When booking your ticket, you may be given an option to download your ticket as an m-Ticket.

If you are not given this option, unfortunately m-Tickets are not yet available for that route. 

What tickets types are refundable?

Anytime Singles, Anytime Returns, Off-Peak Returns, Super Off-Peak Returns, Super Off-Peak Singles (all subject to an admin fee).

What tickets types are not refundable?

Standard/First Class Advance Singles are non-refundable however they are exchangeable (subject to admin fees) call 0370 333 4875  for more information and how to process this.

What should I do if I have not bought the correct ticket?

We are committed to doing the right thing for our customers. If you think you have purchased an incorrect ticket please call us on 0370 333 4875 and we’ll help you refund or exchange.

How are m-Tickets checked on train and at stations?

At our ticket gates, have your mobile device ready and activated, with the barcode showing from the app. To enter or leave, place the screen against the scanner on the right-hand side of the gate. 

On the train, please have your activated m-ticket ready to be viewed and scanned by our staff on the train. 

A valid m-ticket has the moving bar at the top showing activation.

Screenshots of tickets are not valid and you may be asked to buy a new ticket or issued with a Penalty Fare

If your mobile ticket doesn’t open the gate, please talk to a member of staff. 

What if I run out of battery before my m-Ticket is checked?

When travelling with an m-Ticket, make sure your phone is charged and will last for the duration of your train journey. If you are unable to display your m-Ticket, you’ll need to buy a new ticket at the full fare our you may be issued with a Penalty Fare. No refunds are available on tickets that can’t be produced at the time of your journey and no duplicate tickets can be issued.

How do I transfer my m-Ticket to another device?

m-Tickets can only be downloaded to one device at a time. To transfer a downloaded ticket to a new device, first remove the downloaded m-Ticket from the option menu before logging in to your account and downloading the ticket on the new device. If you have bought a return, both tickets will be released. If you have activated the outbound ticket, you cannot release the return.

A valid m-ticket has the moving bar at the top showing the activation time.  It is an offence to copy any ticket or its barcode. 

Will I be charged a booking fee for m-Tickets?

There are no additional fees added to your booking when you book m-Tickets online with East Midlands Trains.

Depending on the contract you have with the network provider to your mobile phone, you could be subject to data charges for using the internet. These charges are not related to East Midlands Trains and if you have any queries we advise you to contact your network provider.

Can I change my m-Ticket or get a refund?

Refunds are allowed for Anytime, Off peak and Super-off peak m-tickets subject to an admin fee. To request a refund please contact the call centre on 0370 333 4875. 

How can I change the date, time, or route of my journey? 

In the first instance please call 0370 333 4875 to change your ticket.

If you need to change your ticket on the day of travel you will need to visit one of our ticket offices, who will issue you with a paper update to your ticket. When you travel, you will need to show both the paper ticket and activated m-ticket . 

You can change the time, date or class of a Single Advance fare. There’s a £10 charge for each ticket, plus any increase in the fare. If the new fare is less, you’ll still need to pay the £10, and we don’t pay the difference back. Advance Single fares can’t be refunded, unless you were unable to travel because your train was delayed or cancelled. Super Off-Peak, Off Peak, and Anytime tickets can be changed for a charge of £10 each. 

What happens if I activate my ticket but then don’t travel?

If you activate your ticket but then don’t travel, the ticket has been used and no refunds/changes are available.

How do I claim Delay Repay with an m-Ticket?

If you were delayed during your journey by 30 minutes or more, or missed your booked connection, you may be able to claim compensation through our Delay Repay scheme. For claims with an mTicket, upload a screenshot of your ticket (from the My Tickets tab in the app). These can be uploaded to the Delay Repay form as a jpeg, tif, png or gif (less than 2mb in size). If you can’t send us your ticket or proof of travel, please contact our Customer Service Centre. Our staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 03457 125678 or @EMTrains

Can I still get a Railcard discount with a mobile ticket?

Yes, normal Railcard discounts will apply. For more details about railcards please click here.

Can I still reserve a seat with a mobile ticket?

Yes, if available, you can reserve your seat, usually up to midnight the day prior to travel. 

I can't download the app

Check your phone settings, your phone may be set to download new apps over wifi only. However due to the wide variety of mobile phone handsets and networks we are unable to offer technical support or assistance, your phone provider will be able to provide assistance.

What if I have problems with signal?

You need a data signal to download the m-ticket.  Once downloaded, no signal is required to activate the ticket for travel. Your m-ticket must be activated before boarding the train.  If you have not downloaded and activated your ticket you may be required to purchase a new ticket at full fare or issued with a Penalty Fare.

What if I have lost my phone?

This is the same as someone losing their paper ticket.  You will be required to purchase new ticket if you are unable to display your m-ticket. Further details about the conditions of rail tickets can be found on the following link.

What if my phone screen is cracked?

Please show the m-ticket to a member of staff for a visual inspection.  If the details of the ticket cannot be read or scanned, you may have to purchase a new ticket.

m-Ticket frequently asked questions - business passengers

What are mTickets and are they available to me?

mTickets are only available if your business has allowed access for you to purchase them. Ask your Implementation Manager for the EMT Business Travel Platform for more information. 

1. Download the EMTrains Business travel App
2. Log in and select My Tickets, download the mTicket
3. Activate the mTicket on the day of travel before you get on board

How do I activate my mTicket before I get on board?

On the day of your journey, you must activate your ticket before getting on your train (as your ticket will not be valid if you have not activated it). Simply tap the activate button on your mTicket in the App. 

Watch out for low battery, make sure your phone is charged if you are using mTicket. If you are unable to display your mTicket you'll need to buy a new ticket at full fare. 

What routes are mTickets available on?

mTickets are available on selected routes. When selecting a ticket type an orange bow will appear with ticket restrictions. In the top right-hand side of the orange box, if mTickets are available an M will show. 

Can I change my mTickets or get a refund?

Refunds are allowed on Anytime Singles, Anytime Returns, Off-Peak Returns, Super Off-Peak Returns, Super Off-Peak Singles (all subject to an admin fee) - to request a refund contact the helpdesk on 01332 867050. Changes/refunds are not permitted on Advance Singles or tickets which have been activated.