Super Off Peak and Off Peak Train Tickets


If you don’t mind when you travel, go off peak and save.

These give you cheaper fares for travelling on quieter trains, on certain days of the week or on a particular route.

You can buy a Super Off Peak or Off Peak ticket immediately before you travel - unlike Advance tickets.

Delay and Cancellations

If you decide not to travel, because the train is delayed, cancelled or your seat reservation isn’t available, you can also claim a refund. If your journey is delayed by over 30 minutes, you can clam compensation through our Delay Repay scheme.

Getting your pennies back

Don’t panic if you get delayed, you can use a Super Off Peak or Off Peak ticket to hop on the next available train(s) and finish your trip.

If you decide not to travel, just get in touch and we’ll refund your unused ticket for a £10 admin charge (within 28 days of the expiry date of the ticket). Find out more about refunds.

To change the time you travel to a peak-time train or to upgrade your ticket, you’ll need to pay the difference of the new ticket price. You might need to buy a new ticket and apply for a refund if you want to travel on a different day, from or to a different station.

A few things to remember

Super Off-Peak or Off Peak tickets are only valid on the date on your ticket (and until 04:29 on the following day if you’re a night owl).

If you’ve used a Railcard to buy your ticket, take it with you when you travel. If you don’t have with you on the train, you’ll have to buy a new ticket but you won’t get the discount. . (although,the first time you forget we’ll let you claim any additional costs back.

More reading (if you need it)

For full terms and conditions for Off Peak or Super Off Peak tickets, head over to National Rail.