Bicycles on Trains

By combining train travel and cycling you are able to not only reduce your carbon footprint, but you could also benefit from a fitter and healthier lifestyle. 

Find out more about the cycling facilties on offer across our route, from storing your bike in our brand new cycle hubs, to travelling on board with your bike.

Read our full cycle policy [PDF]


Bike Spaces on Trains

You can bring your bike on board for free, but we only have space for 2 at a time. Reservations need to be booked before the day of travel. See below for more information.


Cycle Reservations

As they’re very popular, cycle reservations are required on services to and from London, and on our Liverpool – Norwich route. It's free to reserve a cycle space. Please call our Customer Services team on 03457 125 678, it is advised to book your cycle reservations as early as possible; reservations can be made online using our Cycle Reservation form. Cycle reservations cannot made on the day on travel.

Please be aware that there is no cycle storage on the following services; 

0730 Derby to London

1005 London to Nottingham

1359 Sheffield to London 

1650 London to Corby 

1837 Corby to London

2031 London to Derby

1945 Nottingham to London

2200 London to Nottingham

Reserve Your Bike Space


Folding Bikes

Folding cycles are a convenient way to travel when you need to take your cycle on the train.  Folding cycles can be carried on all East Midlands Trains services, provided they can be stored safely in the luggage racks.


Bikes and Rail Replacement Buses

During periods of disruption or engineering work, due to limited space we are unfortunately unable to carry cycles on rail replacement bus or taxi services.  Folding cycles may be allowed on rail replacement bus or taxi services in some instances.


Other Cycling Storage Facilities

We provide extensive cycle storage facilities at 87 of our 89 stations, free of charge, making it easier for you to take advantage of the benefits of combining cycling with train travel.

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Tandems, tricycles, motorcycles, mopeds and motorised scooters may not be taken on any of our services, nor can any kind of cycle trailer.