Leicester Cycle Hub

The Leicester Cycle Hub provides a huge improvement in the cycling facilties at Leicester Station, with greater capacity and exclusive changing rooms. 

To access the Leicester Cycle Hub you will just need to obtain a form from the Ticket Office at Leicester Station in order to purchase your key fob at just £10.  You will then have unlimited lifetime access to the Leicester Cycle Hub.*

Opening Hours 0400 - 0200 daily
Number of Cycle Spaces 222
Location Lower floor.  This can be accessed via the lift located towards the left of the Customer Information Desk.
Changing Rooms Yes
Toilets No
Showers No
Cycle Shop N/A
Number of Hire Cycles N/A
Cycle Repairs N/A
Cost of a Key Fob £10

*If you lose your Key Fob you will need to re-purchase a key fob at the current retail price.