National Rail Passenger Survey

With great service being at the heart of our business we're always keen to hear your thoughts to use these to shape the changes we make and feedback from the National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) plays a huge part in this.

The National Rail Passenger Survey is run by the independent watchdog, Transport Focus,and takes place twice a year for all train companies. The survey asks customers their opinion on a range of topics, from how clean the train was to how friendly the staff were.

You can take a look at how we performed below:

Overall scores

East Midlands Trains NRPS scores Autumn 2018
Overall satisfaction with your journey 87%
Overall satisfaction with stations 85%
Overall satisfaction with train facilities 82%

How we compare to our facility targets

Facility Target Autumn 2018 NRPS score
Station facilities 75% 79%
On-Train facilities 75% 71%
Customer Service 72% 74%

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We're very pleased to be rated above our targets, however we're constantly working to provide an even greater service. If you've got any thoughts on our service, be it praise or suggestions, feel free to get in touch or if you want to have a regular voice on our changes, take a look at Customer Voice.