Lend a Helping Hand | East Midlands Trains

Lend a Helping Hand

At some of our stations over the next few months you may notice the Network Rail mascot Helping Hand.  Helping Hand will be out and about to remind you of the little ways that you can help others and yourself to avoid platform related accidents at our stations and other stations across the country.

During 2014 there were 80 platform related accidents at our stations, these include accidents while boarding and alighting the train and a high number of accidents caused by rushing.

We can all help to reduce the number of accidents on platforms with little changes.  Next time you're at the station make sure to slow down and allow yourself plenty of time to get to the platform and if you can see a steady stream of people alighting the train remember to wait patiently until you can board the train.

There are many other ways you can help to reduce the number of accidents at platforms, to find out more visit lendahelpinghand.co.uk.