Lost Property

Lost property

Lost something?
Let’s find it.

Tell us everything about your item and we’ll do all we can to get it back to you. From colour to size to any distinguishing features – the more you tell us, the better. 

Log your lost item by filling in our short form and we’ll search our database for a match. If we find it we’ll send you an email to let you know how you can get it back.

log your lost property

The search

Don’t worry if we can’t find it right away – we’ll carry on looking and keep you updated. As we have a number of similar items in our database, we might get in touch to check specific details about your lost property.

We will keep you updated throughout the search by email (every day for the first week and then weekly for up to three months), but if you need to get in touch with us, make sure you have your unique search reference number to hand (you will get this once your item has been logged).

Please note that to ensure safety, we do have to follow guidelines regarding storage/handling of certain items:

  • food or drink (these may be disposed of, if it is clear that they have deteriorated sufficiently to no longer be held or they become a danger to health and safety)
  • passport – these are returned to the issuing office. Find out more.
  • credit/debit cards – these can't be held for longer than 24 hours and are shredded and disposed of securely
  • driving Licence – these are returned to the issuing office (DVLA).

For further information, see the National Rail Conditions of Travel (page 29-30)

We can look for lost property on our trains and the stations we manage. To search for lost items on other routes or stations that are not managed by East Midlands Trains, we recommend that you log your lost item with the Excess Baggage Company.