WiFi internet access on our trains

Make the most of your journey with on board WiFi

We know how important it is for you to keep up to date and make the most of your journey time. We now offer 15 minutes free WiFi on board all of our trains to/from London (free all the time in First Class).

With pesky emails to check, news stories to read and tweets to chuckle at, how can you make the most of your free minutes of 4G?

Pssst... First Class customers can still use the WiFi for free wherever and whenever they travel on our network.

Getting the best from the WiFi

Our 4G WiFi works best when you stick to surfing, searching and social networking (because downloading and streaming slows the service for everyone). 

To connect quickly, save wifi.eastmidlandstrains.co.uk into your favourites list for when you’re next on board. Hey presto. 

wifi do's and donts

Struggling to surf? 

  • head to wifi.eastmidlandstrains.co.uk to kickstart the login screen
  • try different websites to test the connection
  • restart your device or use a different browser
  • turn off your WiFi then reconnect and go to wifi.eastmidlandstrains.co.uk
  • click ‘forget network’, wait a few seconds, then reconnect 

Need a bit of extra help?

If you're still struggling to connect, you can contact the East Midlands Trains WiFi support desk on 0330 088 1272 or email.

In three, two, one…

When your 15 minutes of 4G are up, pick up a journey pass for just £4. Or try a £6 day pass if you’re making a return trip.

Regular rail rider? Grab a £15 ten-hour anytime bundle or a £30 one-month pass to save on every journey. 

A lot can happen in 15 minutes

Your mission is to discover what’s possible with 15 minutes of free 4G WiFi. 

Perhaps you’ll learn 3 words in a new language or book a cheeky weekend break. And if you choose to splurge on that DVD boxset, we won’t tell. 

Standard Class and On Board WiFi

WiFi access is available in Standard Class with your first 15 minutes free.

You can continue browsing for a small charge:

Journey (up to 3 hours) £4
Daily £6
Monthly (valid for 28 days) £30
Annual £300
Anytime Bundle (10 hours valid for 30 days) £15

Our Anytime Bundle provides more flexibility for frequent travellers by allowing you to purchase minutes in advance and use them whenever you travel. If you have any available minutes these will be visible once you log in to help you keep track of your usage.  The Anytime Bundle provide you with 10 hours of WiFi for just £15 and is valid for 30 days from first use.


Is it normal for the speed to fluctuate?

Our on board WiFi is reliant on  3G and 4G signals. A number of sim cards from different mobile phone operators are installed on our trains, feeding a signal into our WiFi system, in order to provide a reliable connection throughout the journey.

There may be periods during the journey, for example through tunnels and countryside areas, where the WiFi connection will become weak or lost for a short period of time. Once the signal regains strength, the WiFi service will resume availability.

What happens if I lose my connection?

If you've been disconnected or logged out and want to log back in, open a new browser and click the "Sign in" button.  If you are a Standard Class user, enter your access code that was provided after payment and you can get back to surfing the web.

Does the service time out automatically?

The WiFi service will automatically log you out if no activity has been detected for 60 minutes.  To log back in, click on the "Sign in" button and enter your access code.

Will I get a receipt when I pay?

If you have paid by credit or debit card, a receipt (and you username and password) will automatically be emailed to you and will also be available to download as a PDF.

If I pay for daily access will it work on multiple journeys?

Yes.  When you purchase daily access it will continue to allow you to get online on your return journey or if you have changed trains.  As long as you're on a train in to or out of London that has WiFi access, you'll be able to sign back in using the same details at no extra cost.  Plus from winter 2014/15 we'll be introducing an anytime bundle which will give you even more flexibility.

What if I forget my access code?

If you lose or forget your access code you should contact East Midlands Trains WiFi support and they will provide you with a replacement.  

The East Midlands Trains WiFi support can be contacted via email at eastmidlandstrains-OTS@nomadrail.com or via telephone on 0330 088 1272.

How do I give you feedback?

We would like to hear what you think of our service.  Please contact us by clicking here, noting the time and date of your travel.

Who should I contact if I am having problems using the WiFi?

You can contact the East Midlands TrainsWiFi support team on 0330 088 1272 or via email at eastmidlandstrains-OTS@nomadrail.com.

Read a full list of our Frequently Asked QuestionsSee our WiFi terms and conditions

WiFi access at our stations

You can also enjoy complimentary WiFi access at a number of East Midlands Trains stations. Just look for "The Cloud" in your available WiFi networks and start surfing the web for free!

Complimentary WiFi is available at the following stations:

East Midlands Parkway
Gainsborough Lea Road

Long Eaton
Market Harborough
Newark Castle