A Comfy Journey For All

We want you all to have a great experience when you travel with us, either on our trains or just passing through a station. 

These are some suggestions to help everyone have a smooth journey:

Music Keep any music to a minimum level and use headphones where possible - although you love your taste in music, the person sat across the aisle from you may be of a different opinion.
Luggage To ensure that we have seats available for all our customers, please help us by putting luggage in the storage space and not on seats, and definitely not in the wheelchair space. Plus, you never know what interesting things the person sitting next to you has to say.
Doors Closing Did you know that we close the train doors 40 seconds before departure and in London it's two minutes before, so make sure you've got plenty of time to get on to the train. There's nothing more frustrating than being on the platform when your train departs.
Rubbish We try hard to keep our trains clean and you can help us by making use of the bins located on all of our trains and at our stations to discard any rubbish or take it home. Remember, it's rubbish to sit next to rubbish - ok, we take that one back.
Priority Seating We provide Priority Seating and wheelchair spaces on all our trains for customers who are disabled, pregnant or less able to stand. So next time you're sat in one keep an eye out and offer it to other customers in need.
Abusive Language As you would expect, we don't tolerate drunken, disruptive or rowdy behaviour on our trains. This includes language that may be deemed abusive to our team or customers. We also have the right to refuse travel if someone is deemed unfit for travel because of alcohol or any other reason.
Non-Emergency Situation Witness a non-emergency incident on one of our trains or at our stations? Text the British Transport Police on 61016 or call 0800 405040.
Ticket Gates We have ticket gates at our main stations, so to make sure you can exit as quickly as possible make sure that you keep your ticket handy until you have left the station.

So there you have it, our helpful advice for having a smooth journey. We hope you enjoy your next journey with us.

Contacting us

You can contact us by phone, email, webform, letter or social media where a member of our team will be happy to assist.

To help our staff provide good customer service and for us to ensure that all of our staff, including those behind the scenes are able to work in a safe environment, free from personal harassment or abuse we will not tolerate any written or verbal content that:

  • Violates an individual's dignity (including references to gender, race, ethnic or national origins, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief;
  • Or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment

Where social media behaviour is deemed anti-social, a warning will be given to the user and if anti-social behaviour persists, the user will be muted where possible. In all cases, if necessary, we may gain assistance from the British Transport Police.