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Application & recruitment process

Application & Recruitment Process

What happens when you apply for a job with us

Your application

From the day you apply, we’ll treat your information with confidence. We’ll also be in contact with you so you’re up-to-date with how your application is going. Our teams will make sure that your skills meet the requirements of the job and that your application is treated fairly. We’ll organise any tests and interviews and keep you informed of what you need to do and when. We want the process to work well for everyone involved.

Fair recruitment

East Midlands Trains is a non-discriminatory employer committed to the recruitment and promotion of all on the basis of ability and merit irrespective of disability, race, gender, health, social class, sexual preference, marital status, nationality, religion, employment status or age. We’ll treat your recruitment fairly and assess you for the job based on merit and skills.   

When you can expect to hear from us

It typically takes around 14 days to process and review applications. Many of our jobs attract large numbers of applications. We read each of them fully and score them to set criteria for the job profile. We’re very careful to ensure that the time and energy invested in training our new people will spent in the right way and on people we think will thrive in their new jobs.

Recruitment events

If you’re successful in being considered for the job, you may be invited to an open, or group assessment day. These days are an opportunity for you to meet potential colleagues and find out more about the job. It also gives our recruitment team an opportunity to meet you – and other applicants – together, to keep the process smooth, fast and fair for everyone. If you’re invited to join an assessment day, we’ll send you information, directions and advice on what to wear.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

We operate a safe and secure railway. To keep it this way for both employees and customers, we have a strict anti-drugs and alcohol policy. All new employees must pass an alcohol and drug screen as part of any employment offer. We also operate a random screening scheme, where all employees are subject to random drug and alcohol screenings whilst employed by East Midlands Trains.

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