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East Midlands Trains won the 2010 National Rail Award for Environmental Excellence. Since then, we have committed more time and resources to making our plan a success.

The three sections of our environmental plan are:

Carbon Footprint A smaller carbon footprint

Waste A way with waste

Responsible Being a responsible business
  • Being more efficient with fuel
  • Cutting our energy use
  • Managing our activities which contribute to climate change
  • Finding ways to reduce waste in the company
  • Finding ways to reuse and recycle more waste
  • Developing more effective ways to manage waste

  • Managing our environmental impacts
  • Working with employees and suppliers to improve environmental performance
  • Working with the communities we serve

Targets to reduce our carbon footprint

Our targets include:

  • Using 10% less energy in our buildings by 2014
  • Making our trains 5% more efficient during the franchise

Achievements we have made

  • Improving training for drivers on fuel-efficiency
  • Shutting down engines at terminating stations, where possible
  • Introducing an energy saving mode on our high-speed Meridian trains
  • Installing Smart meters installed at key stations to monitor and report on our energy use
  • Reducing gas use by 50% at Etches Park train depot

Plans for continuing success

  • Continue our driver training for fuel efficiency
  • Investigate fuel additives to reduce emissions
  • Electrification of the mainline to London to help reduce our diesel requirements
  • Upgrading major stations to enable us to improve energy efficiency

A way with waste

East Midlands Trains have improved recycling across the business, from offices, to on-train and at station.

What we are doing to reduce and recycle waste

  • We have changed the way we manage waste at all of our depots, so that more waste from our trains is recycled than ever before.
  • We have introduced public recycling facilities at stations, including newspaper recycling bins and new recycling points.

Achievements we have made

  • Increased recycling from 35% to over 70% in the last year

Plans for continuing success

  • We will continue to find better solutions for on-train recycling
  • We will work with Network Rail to improve at station recycling, particularly at London St Pancras International, from our office and on board waste

Being a responsible business

Being a responsible business is about managing environmental risks, playing a part in our local communities and supporting charities.  We have a range of initiatives to manage our environmental risks.

Working as a more responsible business

  • We are improving audit processes to reduce risk levels around the business – particularly with storing and handling our fuel
  • We are investigating more areas in which we can expand our Environmental Management Systems

Achievements we have made

  • The East Midlands Trains Engineering function were re-certified to the International Standard for Environmental Management, ISO 14001
  • Launched a Charitable Support Guide to explain how we support communities and charities
  • Environmental Management Systems are in place and working across our maintenance depots

What's next?

  • Continuing development and operation of training programmes for managers to ensure that they have the information they need to manage environmental risks
  • Investigating more online communications to reduce paper use, including on board our trains
  • Expanding our Environmental Management Systems into more areas of our business.

In addition to risk management, a socially responsible business has its heart in its local community.  Read more about East Midlands Trains’ work in the community here.