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16th September 2016

Most Advance tickets are available 12 weeks before travel. 

Ticket Availability Dates

Planning ahead and booking in advance will ensure that you get the cheapest train tickets for your journey.

Advance train tickets are generally available 12 weeks ahead of time. In certain circumstances some trains may be unavailable. We advise you to re-check to ensure you get the best ticket for your journey.

Advance tickets are the cheapest train tickets you can buy and the earlier you book, the cheaper they are. 

To keep up to date on the go with our advance fare releases follow us on Twitter at @EMTrains

For more information about the ticket restrictions of Advance tickets, when an Advance ticket might be useful and where to purchase these tickets, visit our Advance Tickets page.

Ticket booking summary

Advance fares are now available on the following routes up to:


London route

Liverpool - Norwich

Monday – Friday


16th September 2016 

16th September 2016 


10th August 2016

 10th August 2016


11th August 2016

 11th August 2016 


Key dates to look out for on our route

29 June

  • England v Sri Lanka Cricket one day International at The Oval

14 July

  • England v Pakistan Cricket Test Match at Lord's (possible 5 days)

22 July

  • England v Pakistan Cricket Test Match at Old Trafford (possible 5 days)

06 August

  • Blackburn v Norwich
  • Derby v Brighton

07 August

  • Community Shield Man U v Leic Wembley
  • QPR v Leeds 12:00 KO

11 August

  • England v Pakistan Cricket Test Match at The Kia Oval (possible 5 days)

13 August

  • Barnsley v Derby
  • Brighton v Nottingham Forest
  • Sheffield Wednesday v Norwich

16 August

  • Barnsley v QPR
  • Preston v Derby

20 August

  • Leicester v Arsenal
  • Millwall v Sheffield United
  • Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds

27 August

  • Chesterfield v Millwall
  • Brentford v Sheffield Wednesday
  • Nottingham Forest v Leeds

28 August

  • Blockade between London and Luton. Buses only between London/Luton.

10 September

  • Liverpool v Leicester
  • Man United v Man City

13 September

  • Rotherham v Nottingham Forest

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