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Luggage, Cycles & Pets

Cycles on trains and at the station

Most East Midlands Trains stations have cycle storage and we strongly recommend making the most of them. Our trains are able to carry folding bikes; however standard bikes must be pre-booked online. 

Storage at train stations

As part of our train station upgrade programme, we have improved cycle storage facilities at most of our stations, to make your journey easier. Stations with cycle storage facilities are listed below.

Stations with bike storage facilities

Find out which stations have cycle storage facilities here

Storage on board

We can carry two cycles per train, subject to availability and free of charge.On trains to and from London and between Liverpool and Norwich they must be booked in advance. To make a reservation, please complete our  Cycle Reservation Form.

On services where reservations are not required (most regional non-London routes) bikes are carried at the discretion of train staff, where space allows. Please ensure that your bike is stored safely and securely on the train, away from the doorways.

Folding cycles

Folding cycles can be carried on all East Midlands Trains services, provided they can be stored safely in the luggage racks.

Tandems, tricycles, motorcycles, mopeds and motorised scooters may not be taken on any of our services, nor can any kind of cycle trailer.

Unfortunately, cycles cannot be taken on rail replacement bus services or MegabusPlus services; however folding cycles may be allowed in some cases.

More information on cycle storage & travelling with a bicycle

Tips for cyclists

  • Allow plenty of time to find the right platform at the station
  • Please make yourself aware to station staff at least five minutes before your train is due
  • To avoid delays, please try to board the train as quickly as you can
  • Please fold down any folding cycles before the train arrives
  • Remove anything not permanently secured to your bike, particularly if it’s valuable
  • Please do not lock your bike to any part of the train, don’t lean it against the train doors, or obstruct other passengers’ luggage
  • Please don’t cycle on the station platforms
  • Please switch off the red rear lights before you reach the platform.

To reserve a space on one of our trains, please fill in our cycle reservations form


We are happy to carry dogs, cats, birds and other small, domestic animals on board East Midlands Trains services free of charge.

These are limited to a maximum of two per passenger and they must be kept within an enclosed carrier at all times. Dogs do not have to be contained as long as they are kept on a lead. Please make sure that your dog or container does not occupy a seat.


You are welcome to bring three items of luggage with you on board our trains.

This can include two larger items, such as rucksacks or suitcases, and one smaller bag, such as a briefcase. Please ensure that your larger items are safely stowed in the luggage racks and do not obstruct the aisles.

If you have more luggage or larger items with you (such as skis), you may be required to pay a charge. Unfortunately, due to size and space practicalities on our trains, oversized items (such as surf boards or large musical instruments) cannot be carried on board with you and you will need to make alternative arrangements to transport them to your destination.