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Nottingham station changes

Station transformation

Following the successful completion of the £100m Nottingham re-signalling project in summer 2013, work on the redevelopment of Nottingham station to create a transport hub for the East Midlands is almost complete.

As part of the multi-million investment Nottingham Station has seen some exciting changes and has so far benefitted from:

  • A newly-installed platform and canopy to help provide more flexibility around the station and deliver more reliable train services. 
  • A refurbished First Class lounge located on Platform 5, which is open 0600-1245 Monday-Friday, along with a new Pumpkin café.
  • A new ticket office located on Carrington Street.
  • A new modernised station entrance complete with a new pedestrianised area.
  • A newly refurbished concourse, including the restoration of some of the original station features.
  • A new Southern Concourse providing direct access between the multi-story car park and the station.
  • The introduction of Self Print e-tickets on selected advance fares in order to assist you in getting your ticket before your journey.  Further information on Self Print e-tickets

View the latest map of Nottingham Station

For further information and the latest news regarding the changes to Nottingham Station see below.

New Southern Concourse Now Open

The new Southern Concourse for Nottingham Station is now open concluding another stage of the Nottingham Station redevelopment project.  This latest opening sees the station and car park benefit from a connecting bridge that will allow users to connect to the station directly from level 1 of the car park, resulting in quicker and more convenient access for car park users. 

Upper Crust, Costa and Gourmet Kitchen & Bar Now Open

Nottingham station is now home to three new eateries, Upper Crust, Costa and Gourmet Kitchen & Bar.  Located near the station entrance, the addition of the three new eateries provides station users with a greater selection of facilities and are a welcome addition to the station.  With more potential shops and eateries on the way, keep your eyes out for more information coming soon.

The New Ticket Office & Refurbished Station Entrance

On 31 March the new Nottingham station front entrance launched, featuring a new modern pedestrianised area with a grand new Ticket office, machinery and gates, along with the completion of the exciting improvements to platforms 1,2 and 3.

The new ticket office has eight ticket windows, in keeping with the traditional features of the station frontage. It is business as usual with window service and ticket machines. We are open Monday to Saturday 0500-2200 and Sundays 0715-2220.

The current concourse has been refurbished to restore some of it’s original features, including opening up the ceiling to create natural light into the station concourse for a more welcoming environment.

The new station entrance, the old home of the taxi rank, has been converted with new glazing, flooring, shops and cafes. Shops are to open over the course of the coming weeks.

Disabled access is located via the front of the station, where there are ticket machines for disabled customers to collect and buy tickets. Access is also available from the Queen’s Road Car Park on Platform 7. If you require assisted travel, please fill in our form.

What's Still to Come?

Work continues on the Nottingham Hub project which will create a station we can all be proud of:

As part of our £970,000 investment in cycling facilities Nottingham station will see the addition of a new cycle hub at the station as part of the Hub station redevelopment project being completed this year.

There will also be the addition of four more shops and cafes in the station entrance and concourse area, which are due to open throughout summer 2014.

Station users will also benefit from the new pick up and drop off point which can be found just outside of the station on Queen's Road.  This new convenient location will provide direct and quicker access to the station via the Southern Concourse, as well as easier access to the drop off and pick up point for drivers using the facility.  

Finally, the new NET Tram link is expected to open from Autumn 2014, with direct link to the station via the Southern Concourse, this new station will vastly increase the ease of onward travel around Nottingham.

Better Connections, Improved Access

Nottingham’s tram operator, NET, is building a bridge over the railway.  A new stop on the bridge will be accessible from both sides of the station from autumn 2014.  To celebrate the new tram stop coming soon, rail passengers can now benefit from discounted fares on NET, click here to find out more.

Work on the roads outside the station will improve pedestrian access and create a new taxi rank.

With line speed improvements delivering faster journeys to London and electrification around the corner, this is a great step forward for our region.

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